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JAS PERRY is a Literary Agent with KT Literary representing Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction and Graphic Novels for all ages. Jas is Black/Japanese and represents a diverse range of strong voices with a focus on BIPOC, QTPOC, and/or disabled creators. She is the Director of Special Projects at People of Color in Publishing, and was previously a freelance children's editor, an authenticity reader, and an editorial intern with Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine Books and Levine Querido.Jas has served on the Manuscript Evaluation committee for Reese’s Book Club x We Need Diverse Books’ inaugural LitUp fellowship, as well as on the judging panel for WNDB’s Walter Dean Meyers Grants for diverse writers and illustrators. She attended New York University in Florence & London before graduating with a BA in English from the City University of New York.She writes children's books as J.P. TAKAHASHI.Find Jas online at jas-perry.com or on Twitter @TakahashiPerry.



  • Bluestockings Cooperative / Bluestockings' Digital Comics Fest / “Querying Your Comic/Graphic Novel and Getting an Agent”

  • Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators / 2022 Winter (New York) Conference / “Up Close With Publishing Professionals”

  • Diverse Voices, Inc. / DVcon 2022 / “Agents & Editors” w. Mabel Hsu, Kim Lindman, Amber Oliver, Quressa Robinson. Moderated by: Camille Kellogg


  • We Need Diverse Books / Internship Grant Alumnx Summer Program / "Editorial, Managing Ed. & Literary Agent" w. Marietta Zacker & Jenn Baker


  • We Need Diverse Books / Internship Grant Alumnx Summer Program / "Editorial, Managing Ed. & Literary Agent" w. Marietta Zacker & Jenn Baker

  • Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators / SCBWI-IL 2020 / Voice Session; Pitch Session; 1-1 Critique; Manuscript Contest Judge, Agent Panel w. Claire Draper

  • FIYAH / FIYAHCON 2020 / Mentor, Office Hours

  • Philadelphia Stories / Push to Publish / Meet the Agents Panel; Agent Speed Date

  • Denver University / Denver Publishing Institute / Literary Agenting w. Kate Testerman

Interviews, Features, Press, etc.


Cynthia Leitich Smith / Cynsations
WNDB Internship Alumnx Series: Literary Agent Jas Perry by Suma Subramaniam


Writer's Digest
September/October 2021 Issue
Agent Roundup by Cassandra Lipp
#APIpit Agent Spotlight
Pitch Event for Asian/Pacific Islander writers and illustrators
Q+A with Jas Perry, Literary Agent by Amery G. Wong


We Need Diverse Books
Black History is Made Year-Round
by JoAnn Yao
We Need Diverse Books
Q+A with Jas Perry, Literary Agent by Alaina Lavoie


Prose Novels
(MG & YA)

Graphic Novels + Manga
(MG, YA, NA, A)



OPEN to queries!


While queries are open to all authors & author-illustrators of children's literature, my passion lies in representing marginalized creators who have been traditionally excluded from publishing, with an emphasis on BIPOC and QTPOC, and my client list will continue to reflect these values.

Fiction & Graphic Novel queries:

^For those with accessibility needs due to disability, email queries are acceptable:Email your letter to jasquery@ktliterary.com with the subject Query along with the title and/or genre of your project. For your sample, paste three (3) pages of your manuscript in the body of the email; please have a plot synopsis prepared if I request a partial or full MS.

Pitch event queries:

For online pitch events, Twitter pitch events, conferences, and workshops, a dedicated QueryManager form will be available for submission for a limited time.If submitting by email for accessibility reasons, please include the event name/hashtag in the subject line of your query. Thank you!


If I pass on your MS, feel free to submit to another KT Literary agent.A pass from me isn’t necessarily a reflection of the quality of your manuscript; I simply may not be the agent best equipped to represent your story or style of writing. The querying process is long and arduous, but you’ll soon find the right fit — keep writing. I unfortunately can't offer personalized feedback on queries at this time, due to the volume of submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

Manuscript Wishlist

I'm currently accepting:

(please see query status before submitting)

  • Middle Grade fiction

  • Young Adult fiction

  • Novels-in-verse (MG or YA only)

  • Graphic novel pitches (all ages) by author-illustrators

I'm not accepting:

  • Picture books

  • Adult (unless requested)

  • Non-fiction

  • Previously self-published works

  • Military fiction

  • Stories re: chattel slavery

  • Colonizer x colonized romances

  • Fiction based on existing IP

I'd love to see:

  • Manuscripts under 100k words!

  • Projects from graphic novel author-illustrators

  • Afrofuturism and near-future speculative

  • New York City-set stories

  • Complex platonic relationships and found family

  • Books by and about Japanese and Japanese-American people

  • Offbeat humor and strange (but thoughtful) unsettling narratives

  • Well-researched contemporary that engages serious themes

  • QTPOC romance

  • Immersive, whimsical Miyazaki-type world-building

  • Jaunty SFF romps in MG

  • Ensemble cast MG

  • Clever, funny MG voices in contemporary

  • Historical fiction YA set in time periods/locations not typically represented in kidlit

  • Distinctive, voicey YA

  • Reimagined YA genre “tropes” from fresh, new voices


For querying authors:

Please note that social media and contact form pitches will not be considered.If you have accessibility needs, query letters can be emailed as per agency guidelines instead of submitted through QueryManager.

For more information on KT Literary:

Visit my agency's site at ktliterary.com.

For authenticity read requests:

As I recently transitioned to writing + agenting full-time, I'll be taking select authenticity read requests for traditionally published projects on a case-by-case basis. If you're an editor I have an existing relationship with, feel free to call or email directly.*Otherwise, please use the contact form to tell me about your project. Full list of my specializations (Black/African American, East Asian/Japanese identities, etc.) available upon request.*Please note that I'll be prioritizing reads for authors of color.If I - or the other readers you're connected to - happen to be unavailable, I'm happy to point you in the direction of other SRs and freelance editors.

For interview, panel, and conference requests:

Please use the contact form and include all relevant dates, rates, and participants.

Aaron Talley

Aaron Talley
  • Ages: Young Adult

  • Genres: Speculative; Contemporary Fantasy

Aaron Talley is a writer, activist, and educator currently based in Chicago, Illinois. His writings, which explore the intersections between identity, spirituality, education, and mental health have been published in various blog and media outlets, including The Advocate, Education Post, and The Nation. When not writing, reading, or teaching, or you can find him watching anime or playing the latest Japanese RPG. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @Talley_Marked.

Amar Shah

Amar Shah
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary Realism; Magical Realism; Memoir

Amar Shah is a multiple Emmy-winning writer and producer who has written for ESPN.com, NFL.com, The Wall Street Journal, The Orlando Sentinel, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Slam Magazine and The Washington Post, including a viral essay on growing up as the son of the real Apu.

Amar's Middle Grade contemporary basketball trilogy is upcoming with Scholastic, with Book 1 set for Fall 2023.

Brianna Peppins

  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary Realism

Brianna Peppins was raised in PG County, Maryland, spending most of her childhood consuming books and daydreaming up her own outlandish stories. She graduated from Spelman College with a B.A. in Psychology and shortly after began writing her debut novel, BRIARCLIFF PREP. You can find her online at briannapeppins.com, and on Twitter and Instagram at @Lexi_Pep.

Brianna's YA debut and its sequel are upcoming with Disney:
BRIARCLIFF PREP #1 + #2 (November 15, 2022 / Fall 2023)

Her next YA novel is upcoming with Scholastic:

Nora Elghazzawi

Nora Elghazzawi
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary Fantasy; Magical Realism; Contemporary Realism

Nora Elghazzawi is a Muslim Lebanese-American writer currently living in Boston, MA. Her short story, SOLACE, was selected by Nicola Yoon to appear in FORESHADOW, a serial anthology launched by Emily X.R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma, which was acquired by Algonquin and published in October 2020.

Ridley Adams

Nora Elghazzawi
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary Fantasy; Mythology; SF; Afrofuturism

Ridley Adams is an Afro-Brazilian fantasy writer and conservation biologist specializing in African conservation issues. They’ve prevented cheetahs from eating livestock in Namibia, tested out different ways to keep elephants out of croplands in Kenya, ridden donkey carts to work in the Northern Cape of South Africa, designed a picture-only video game to teach non-literate Mozambican villagers about the ecosystem importance of vultures, climbed mountains, been stung by scorpions, and chased many a mamba and puff adder out of their office.

Kirsten Thompson

Kirsten Thompson
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Fantasy; Contemporary Fantasy

Kirsten Thompson is the writer of I AM HEXED, a comic book miniseries about the political struggles of modern-day witches, and has also been the editor and consultant on a range of comics. She was a staff writer at The MNT, and has previously written for Femsplain, Teen Vogue and Women Write About Comics.

Jacqueline CJ Barnes

Jacqueline CJ Barnes
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: High Fantasy; Afrofuturism; PhantaNoir

Love, inclusivity, and the fantastical are three words that best encapsulate JCJB’s work. Refusing to give in to mass media stereotypes that Black female characters are “too independent and strong” for love, she created PhantaNoir: a genre that places Black characters, cultures, and mythos at the center of fantastical stories. Adamant that compassion is the answer, Jacqueline strives to share her work with the world so that younger Black girls can get some of that love, too.Jacqueline has a Bachelor of Art and Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master’s from UCLA’s Animation workshop, is a VONA 2017 Alum, was a resident at the 2017 Santa Fe Art Institute, and is an inaugural diversity fellow at the Highlights foundation.

JCJB's YA Graphic Novel debut is upcoming with Macmillan/FirstSecond:
ANAMNESIS (Winter 2026)

Rashad Doucet

Rashad Doucet
  • Ages: Children's, all ages

  • Genres: Open to multi-genre illustration work!

Rashad Doucet is an Eisner winning creator who also spends time working as a Professor of Sequential Art at SCAD. He’s worked on properties like Rick and Morty, Invader Zim, and most recently his graphic novel PAX SAMSON has released to great reviews from Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly. You can see more of his work here.

Rashad's original MG Graphic Novel is upcoming with Hachette/LBYR:
ART CLUB (Fall 2023)

Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess
  • Ages: Middle Grade

  • Genres: Contemporary Realism; Contemporary Fantasy

Sarah Burgess has been working in animation for seven years and drawing comics since forever. Their passion lies in drawing character-driven stories that focus on the complexities and exploration of relationships and people. They are most known for their comics on mental health. They also draw a webcomic, The Princess Beast, inspired by shojo manga and all about social anxiety.

Sarah's MG Graphic Novel debut is upcoming with Andrews McMeel:
SKIP! (Fall 2023)

Jem Yoshioka

Jem Yoshioka
  • Ages: Young Adult; New Adult; Adult

  • Genres: Fantasy; Historical; Mythology

Jem Yoshioka is an award-winning comic artist living in Wellington, New Zealand. Deftly weaving words and pictures together, Jem’s comics tell evocative and emotional stories with themes of belonging, place, and heritage.


  • Ages: Young Adult; New Adult; Adult

  • Genres: Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Post-Apocalyptic Fic

Mandy "4threset" Chan is a nonbinary Malaysian artist/animator with a Degree in Animation from the University of Technology Sydney. They have worked on a variety of indie games such as The Magister, Amnesiac Adventurer and Himbo Harem Homicide as both a concept artist and asset artist. Wonderfully neurodiverse, they enjoy pairing pretty words with pictures to tell flowing stories about the complicated feelings that often accompany complex familial relationships, loss, love and connection.

Son M.

  • Ages: Young Adult; Adult

  • Genres: Horror; Sci-Fi; Action; Thriller; Mystery

SON M. is an Algerian-Amazigh, Muslim writer who enjoys creating narratives in both prose and visual mediums. She specializes in horror, science-fiction, action, thriller and mystery. She is very passionate about comics, games and animation, leading her to create stories in all three mediums. Son is the Studio Director of the indie game studio Perfect Garbage, as well as a writer for both AAA and Indie games. The writer half of SCSM COMIC. She is currently publishing their debut graphic novel THIEF OF THE HEIGHTS with HarperCollins/HarperAlley (Fall 2023). They have written for Z2 Comics, DC Comics, Vault Comics and more.

Son's original YA Graphic Novel is upcoming with HarperCollins/HarperAlley:

Keiko Nishijima

  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary; Fantasy

With a passion for character driven stories, Keiko Nishijima has found herself walking through life with a love for storytelling and the arts. What she enjoys more than spending her time drawing is exploring the world and more importantly, the different ways that people view it. A fan of the lonely and an appreciator of the bold—she's an avid people watcher, so don't mind if you catch her staring, it's her way of saying she thinks you're cool. Familial relationships and unlikely friendships is where Keiko finds her true love for stories, the found family trope is a constant in anything she writes. Alongside that, she has a fascination with anything magical from witches to magical talking tea cups.

Samuel Teer

  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary; Fantasy

Samuel Teer is the Lat Am (Guatemalan/American) writer of VEDA: ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (Dark Horse Comics) and BROWNSTONE (Versify). Samuel was born to a deaf American maintenance worker and a Guatemalan immigrant that spoke English as a distant second language — he took the obvious route and became a comics writer. He was raised in the suburbs of St. Charles County, MO. He currently lives outside of Denver, CO with his wife Andrea (an educator) and their two lab-mixes, Roxie and Olive.

Samuel's original YA Graphic Novel is upcoming with HarperCollins/Versify:
BROWNSTONE (2023) with illustrator Mar Julia

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Ames Liu

A digital portrait of an East Asian person, looking back at the "camera," wearing a tank, drinking from a juice box.
  • Ages: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary; Fantasy

Ames is a Vancouver based comic artist and illustrator. They received their BFA from the Maryland Institute of College of Art in 2021. Since graduating they have been working on projects such as Z2Comics' Freddie Mercury: Lover of Life, Singer of Songs and Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch (with Emily Hampshire). They have an affinity for stories with queer characters, fantasy elements, and lots of heart.

Fend Hamilton

A digital portrait of a white person wearing a fur-hooded green coat and glasses, waving with both hands, looking a bit nervous.
  • Ages: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary; SFF; Horror

Fend Hamilton is an artist/illustrator based in Chattanooga, TN. They like to look at trains, understand grocery store and water park layouts, and draw comics (allegedly).

Jason Reeves

A digital portrait of an East Asian person, looking back at the "camera," wearing a tank, drinking from a juice box.
  • Ages: Middle Grade; Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

  • Genres: Contemporary; Action-Adventure; SFF

A New Orleans, Louisiana native, Jason Reeves is a Comic Book Artist, Writer, illustrator, Concept Designer best known for his creator owned graphic novel series PAX SAMSON, the award winning ONENATION, and CHANGA & THE JADE OBELISK. Jason is also the owner of 133art Publishing, a comic book publishing imprint and printer. His clients have included: HASBRO, Esquire Magazine, USA Today, Wizards of the Coast, Heavy Metal Magazine, Frontline Detroit Coalition.

Scott Lee Chua, Ethan Chua, and Bianca Lesaca

Scott Lee Chua is a Chinese-Filipino economist, graphic novelist, translator, and game designer. His works have garnered the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Prize for literature in translation, placed in the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards for short fiction, and been nominated for the Philippine National Book Awards. He is currently designing a board game as part of the artist collective Mosquito Games, and a video game as part of the multimedia company Andas Productions. His graphic novel Doorkeeper, co-authored with Ethan Chua, is available in Philippine bookstores.

Ethan Chua (any pronouns) is a Chinese-Filipino spoken word poet, comic book writer, translator, community organizer, and scholar-activist. They have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, honorably mentioned by the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards, and their fiction and poetry have been published in The Journal, Strange Horizons, and the Philippine Graphic magazine. Their translations into English of Abner Dormiendo's Palanca prize-winning poetry collection, "Sa Antipolo pa rin ang Antipolo," are published in Alchemy. Their graphic novel, Doorkeeper, co-authored with Scott Lee Chua, is available in Philippine bookstores.

A logo of a book with "kt" on the cover and text underneath: "literary".

Bianca Lesaca is a Filipino illustrator and painter. She is a member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan — the society of book illustrators in the Philippines. She had briefly interned at Walt Disney Imagineering in Hong Kong before pursuing a freelance career in illustration, where her work has since appeared in children’s books, graphic novels, editorials, and music album covers. Her illustrated books have been published in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and US through Lampara Books, Summit Books, Adarna House, Hiyas-OMF Literature, SingTao News, Hong Kong Commercial Press, and In Hiatus Studios.She continuously explores the breadth of her craft and expression; and when not illustrating for books, she creates paintings for herself or for private collectors. Bianca attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong, and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She is currently illustrating for Open City, a historical fiction graphic novel authored by Scott Chua and Ethan Chua.


Updated as announced.


by Brianna Peppins

Briarcliff Prep cover featuring three Black teenagers (two girls, one boy) standing in front of a prep school building.

Disney Hyperion
November 15th, 2022

Preorder: B&N / Target / Amazon

by Brianna Peppins

April 4th, 2023

Preorder: B&N / Target / Books-a-Million


by Sarah Burgess

UNTITLED (3-book)
by Amar Shah

MG Contemporary

illustrated by Keiko Nishijima

MG Fantasy Graphic Novel

by Aaron Talley

Nonfiction Early Reader

Jem Yoshioka

Jem Yoshioka
  • Ages: Young Adult; New Adult; Adult

  • Would love to work on: Cover illustration; Japanese diaspora stories; WLW romance

Rashad Doucet

Rashad Doucet
  • Ages: Children's, all ages

  • Would love to work on: Stories about characters of color, especially Black kids as the stars of their own adventures!

Illustration & Concepts


Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess
  • Ages: Children's & Adult

  • Would love to work on: All things kidlit!

Editorial & Illustration